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Elton John Schedule

Event Date Location  
Elton John June 08, 2017
07:30 pm
First Direct Arena (Formerly Leeds Arena)
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Elton John September 24, 2017
05:30 pm
WIN Stadium
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Elton John November 10, 2017
08:00 pm
I Wireless Center (formerly Mark Of The Quad Cities)
Moline, IL
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Elton John November 11, 2017
08:00 pm
Ford Center - IN
Evansville, IN
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Elton John November 14, 2017
08:00 pm
Rogers K-Rock Centre
Kingston, ON
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Elton John November 15, 2017
08:00 pm
Meridian Centre
St Catharines, ON
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Elton John November 17, 2017
08:00 pm
Cross Insurance Arena (formerly Cumberland County Civic Center)
Portland, ME
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Elton John November 18, 2017
08:00 pm
Cross Insurance Center
Bangor, ME
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Elton John informations

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Excellent concert, the second time to see billy joel impressive performer. 1 time to see elton and did a good job, but not a big fan of elton. Is there any special going on to win Elton John 2009 Las Vegas? Sorry, there is currently no special running on our site that allows you to win Elton John Las Vegas tickets. No, they opened together just in time and kept on jammin for more than 3 hours without intermission!

Oh my god! three years and a half hour of these two incredible guys! all secondary and college school memories flooded back, and we shouted and sang and laughed and had a fantastic time! i never thought to the way in which their two styles mix, and the grand piano double fixed with them the song of songs has been wonderful! is the trillion dollars but many my family spent to give me for my birthday. Up to how many seats are together at the Elton John tickets? Mute math Tickets usually have a total of four seats together unless there is a prior mention of the splits. What can i say... i liked billy joel for many years... it is one of my faves... and i have enjoyed many cheap Elton John tickets music, although it has never been a precursor in my music library. needless to say that our group was the most excited to see billy, but we have been overwhelmed by the eltons performance! i had goosebumps all the time he was on stage, and prayed god that he would never stop! it exceeded our expectations and then some... he was elegant, graceful, funny, energetic and phenomenal... what interpreter! billy, of course, it was incredible... i do not need to say more. together, they were out of the cards... we spoke of this concert since we saw! it was adored! hope they come back soon! thank you! I am dying to go to Elton John concert if I get the tickets cheap that is. Please help me. All Elton John on CheapWholeSaleTickets are cheap. Get yours today. The music was beautiful, but i was unhappy with my seat. i paid lots of money for my ticket, but had to stand all the time that i can see. i left before the show was more than half. and there was a woman screaming bu behind me who screamed in my ear. is no fun at all. the next time i'll buy the cd and stay home and listen on my bose. I want to book cheap concert tickets for Elton John online. Are they available here? The Elton John are available with us! Grab them NOW! I've seen elton john and billy joel on several occasions during the 20 years in concert, but it was great! they have packed more of 3 good hours of music and memories, non-stop, for the crowd. the spirit of billy joel and charisma shone through. How to win free Elton John? We do not offer any such promotions. Kindly check for other sources.
The best concert ever... i would like to repeat! is well worth the money i paid... even so i would have paid twice more to sit closer. i can never forget it! How much for the discount tickets Elton John ? Please visit the Elton John page to look for the prices. Thanks.

One of the best performances i have ever seen. the two musicians are virtuosos of the piano and two of the greatest poets of this generation. they played many of their great songs. the show lasted about four hours. i took my daughter for 15 years for the show with me and she told me that the best night of his life. i agree. Does anyone have ticket for Elton John? You are lucky as we carry a range of Imaginative movers tickets, go get as many tickets as you went now! I did not have an opening act. did not neet an opening act.

Fan Favorite :

  • I am more than billy joel elton fan, but i must say that billy was hilarious! he kept the audience laughing between each one of his songs.
  • Billy joel played several bars of the 3rd movement of the sonata in the beethoven moonlight, without looking at the keyboard.
  • At the beginning of the concert when elton and billy is arrived on stage together and began playing the piano duel.
  • Billy joel and elton john are partnering to piano, and elton john tiny dancer man / rocket man
  • Two pianos to tail from below the stage and ej and departure bj "your song"

This concert made history for me. he will never exceeded by anyone, anywhere. i continued to pinching me in disbelief that these two legends were on stage together, and i was in the same place with them. they sound better than ever, and their bands - what can i say! the musicianship was unbelievable; entertaining does not begin to describe the experience. refer without hesitation! My mom is a big fan of Elton John tickets and since her birthday is drawing closer, Im planning to Las Vegas her with the tickets of the coming event. Since I rely mostly on my pocket money, I need cheap concert ticket for cheap Elton John tickets Youve reached the right place to Las Vegas your Elton John on internet. Please go through our vast arsenal of tickets and get the best deals and prices. It was a great concert. i have not had the best seats in the world, but these men put on a wonderful show for their fans! Is it a good idea to book my Elton John Las Vegas tickets in advance from you? Elton John can be booked any time you want. I knew that this would be an incredible concert, because he was elton john and billy joel. how this could in no way not to be good? it is by far exceeded my expectations! they are great musicians and performers. they put on an excellent show for 4 hours! incredible! I want Elton John ticket master at cheap prices can i find it with you? You have come to the right place at the right time, Sure we have loads of Elton John concert tickets with us. I expect this concert to be great, but i had no idea that this would be the case, has proven to be. we had four hours of the most amazing talent of music on stage. they played together and separately, and il était all simply incredible. When is the miley cyrus Elton John concert? Consult the dates mentioned on the Miley Cyrus Elton John pages. Thanks.
A fan of these two icons may have briefly asked what these two legends could provide that overshadow their previous joint ventures. which was clearly answered when two brilliant musicians took the stage tonight in nashville. energy, apparent selection of songs, incredible skills and zest for their trade has bluffée me. i hope that elton and billy continue to enlighten us their talent in abundance for the years to come! How is the stage set up for the Elton John contert at the Caesars Palace - Colosseum? Please check the Venue Map to get a better idea about seating configuration.

It was a good concert. i am a big fan of elton and were a little disappointed by its performance in nashville. the last time that i seen them here, elton stole the features. this time, it seemed that he was just going through the motions. billy joel delivered a good performance. elton was perhaps just a little tired, we have our bad days. i will certainly review if they return to nashville in the future. Should I book my ticket master box office Elton John Las Vegas,NV from you in advance? Elton John can be booked any time you want. Billy joel and elton john face to face!