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Kid Rock Schedule

Event Date Location  
Kid Rock November 11, 2017
08:00 pm
Laughlin Events Center
Laughlin, NV
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Kid Rock December 31, 2017
09:00 pm
Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO
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Kid Rock January 25, 2018
08:00 pm
Choctaw Casino & Resort - Durant
Durant, OK
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Kid Rock January 26, 2018
08:00 pm
Choctaw Casino & Resort - Durant
Durant, OK
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Kid Rock informations

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We have seen kid rock 4 times. and each year it is even better! Can I get only one cheap ticket for Kid Rock from Cheap Whole Sale Tickets? If the Kid Rock are listed in even Laughlin Events Center (2, 4, 6) then you cannot buy just one ticket from that specific row or section. You can opt for other sections where tickets are either listed in odd Laughlin Events Center or in a series (1 to 8). I arrived as lynrd skynrd happening, do not look at the act of opening.

Fan Favorite :

  • Kid rock telling how the grateful crowd, it is for all spend their hard earned to come and see, him and his tribute to american troops.
  • At the time where it is mounted on the stage. from the beginning to the end, it was all good!
  • Whenever kid rock spoke to the crowd and outs sent yell to houston
  • When sheryl crow came out to sing my song preferred with kid rock
  • When lynard skynard returns on stage to play "freebird"

I strongly recommend to go see him again! lynard skynard was great also! How will i receive my Kid Rock tickets concert tickets Laughlin Events Center tickets from you? cheap Kid Rock tickets will be mailed to you once we have processed all your information on you credit card. I saw lynyrd skynyrd 4 times... last night was the best show that they were never put on! kid rock... what can you say about this guy.... it is any entertainer! impressive combo, show great! Any tickets to Kid Rock on Laughlin? Yes, look through our plethora of Kid Rock where you will find a range of tickets to choose from. Lynyrd skynyrd and kid rock played not like the others. i saw the show last year and this year. i thought that this would be the same thing, but it was better than last year. i would like to review when they come to houston. tributes to the troops are appreciated and emotional. our daughter saw the concert of the last year, but is in basic training this year. we appreciate the respect for our soldiers. How many Kid Rock cheap tickets are in stock here? Kid Rock page will let you know the amount of tickets in stock. Lynard skynard was great, but kid rock was incredible! certainly closer seats next time:. Do guys have extra Kid Rock Laughlin, in your stock? Yes we certainly do. Please browse through our list of available Kid Rock. Thanks.
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Lynyrd skynryd song were terrible, granted ronnie van zant was not singing. Can I buy cheap tickets for Kid Rock? Well, of course you can! Book your Kid Rock today! Lynyrd skynard - free bird was great! lighters everywhere on the hill.