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The Donnas Schedule

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Past Events :

Event Date Location
The Donnas August 06, 2010
07:00 pm
The Glass House
Pomona, CA
The Donnas March 27, 2010
09:00 pm
The Note
West Chester, PA
The Donnas March 25, 2010
08:00 pm
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA
The Donnas March 24, 2010
08:00 pm
Highline Ballroom
New York, NY
The Donnas August 14, 2009
07:00 pm
Peabodys Downunder
Cleveland, OH
The Donnas August 10, 2009
07:30 pm
Rex Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA
The Donnas July 31, 2009
08:00 pm
Diamond Ballroom
oklahoma City, OK
The Donnas July 26, 2009
09:30 pm
Wasted Space At The Hard Rock Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
The Donnas July 17, 2009
08:00 pm
West Hollywood, CA
The Donnas July 16, 2009
08:30 pm
The Casbah - CA
San Diego, CA
The Donnas December 05, 2008
07:00 pm
Brixton South Bay
Redondo Beach, CA

The Donnas informations

July 17 show ladies! they shook the house (small) and had a very enthusiastic crowd. i went with my teenage daughters and we all enjoyed the show. we have seen in new york he also two years ago. sets may include a few more songs, there are several large who have been omitted. Do you guys offer some discount in order to sell cheap tickets to The Donnas tickets? Cheap Whole Sale Tickets offers great discount deals to its valued customers! Get your cheap The Donnas tickets only from the worlds best ticket network, proudly known as Cheap Whole Sale Tickets! They have been great for the first time to see live, lots of energy here. amy, i think that his name was sitting in fact torrey wounded fantastic work, that is anyway? Guy! Cana nyone tell me of where i can find discount tickets to the The Donnas ? You can find The Donnas from our vast array of tickets. Thanks. Even the thought of opening acts were horrible, and even if the setlist favoured new songs on the old favorite fan, donnas them that he had hit the park. this is the first show of the year where i was disappointed when it was completed. they could have played an hour and not exceeded their home. the only thing to complain, is that they do not come to the city nearly often enough. Why there are not any tickets for The Donnas at the cavern? The tickets may be sold but new tickets are always added to our inventory, so waiting a little will bring you the desired tickets. The donnas show at the troubadour was short, but very energetic. they shook the house, jamming one hard rocker after another. it is disappointing that their drummer torry was not there, although its replacement for the night was exceptional. the group had a unique sound and allison impressed by his guitar playing. the two opening acts were ridiculously bad. i think the donnas are taking the old trick of van halen - have is opening horrific to the crowd that more grateful when you take the stage. the troubadour is a pleasant intimate setting to see. if you like rock, and i think that you made in the show the donnas. they have simply kicking ass. How can i get The Donnas 2011 promo code for its tickets? Our live operator will help you in getting promo codes for The Donnas.
It was a great show. the best game i've seen. my only alleged, that it seemed a little short of a set. it may be because i wanted them to play for another hour and i listened to you. you can see how they grew as a band. donna has now has the crowd. i see it again. it was the fourth time for me i think, but certainly the best. i highly recommend them. Can you guide me in getting The Donnas online discount code april 2011? Sure! Our live operators will help you in getting discount code for The Donnas.

Excellent show! he rocked the house! amy cesari done an excellent job by filling in for torry castellano. does this happy donnaholic! the donnas is the best group in the world! Are these ticket master The Donnas? The tickets you are viewing are from Cheap Whole Sale Tickets and they come with guarantee of Ticket Network. Horrible. first time that i have never plotted the death of an openning act.

The Donnas tickets came on stage around 11: 30 pm and they played a tight curve, but all too brief set. the first thing i noticed was the drummer torry was not playing the drums. apparently torry has an injury so that drummer woman named amy is sitting up to this torry heals. i must say that amy has done an excellent job, but torry was missed by this criticism. A big hello from ! I would like to know if you can offer any cheap The Donnas tickets in ? We offer the best The Donnas tickets at cheap prices. Please look through our inventory of tickets to choose the ticket you like at the location you prefer. Seriously, this was one of the best performances i have ever seen. the energy was incredible! brett is smoking hot, talented and ultra really knows how to work a crowd. not that we needed much help, as the public, we have been fantastic... tori has been missed, but amy has done an excellent job. in addition, dangerous new addiction, the opener last, cradled in their own right. i am strongly considering steal something to see the amazing donnas again very soon! Will get to have seat on The Donnas? The Donnas with us do not have seat as we are not allowed to have them by the holding brokers. I love the place. wasted space is a perfect small bar with the high call of range that you expect to get from the hard rock hotel in las vegas! is even better when you're close and personal with bands more top name on their heels. the donnas put on a great show and rockin' the crowd! Can I secure best seats while I am ordering cheap The Donnas orphem tickets? Yes, of course! At Cheap Whole Sale Tickets, you always get cheap tickets with the best available seats, so order now! High energy; everybody singing on each song; play the incredible guitar; a great interaction with the public, one of the best concerts i have been (and i have seen many of them!) What is The Donnas concert usa best price on your website? You can get the details about ticket prices from the page of The Donnas.
I like donnas them and they never let me down yet. and the troubadour is the best stage of small town. therefore i knew coming in that would be a good show. these ladies are veteran hard rock now, after all 10 years. and did better with age. they are very comfortable with who they are and which is old stylish metal school. they fired at old school standard headbanging and fist pumping stuff to the moves synchronized rocking and frettes typing in guitar solos. and while i was disappointed that the regular drummer tori was rejected by an injury, the young woman keeping the pace in its place is an excellent job. all in all great place, great crowd (except the tool cheesey in a costume wielding his mobile phone on you!) (of nice epaulettes dink.) and a show rocking! the donnas are queens of rock! Do you have The Donnas with you? The Donnas are with us so book them now.

This is the third time that i saw the donnas and it was a really good show. torry was injured, but his replacement was a really heavy drummer. i thought the show was a little short, but the price of the ticket has been low, so a compromise there. i wish that brett would do some behind the scenes voice overheating. whenever i saw them, it seems as if she takes the first five songs to warm up. i wanna book The Donnas 2010 sport arenas tickets You can book your self a ticket by clicking on our website.enjoy the hassle free booking! Who knows? who cares? i arrived after the opening acts.

Fan Favorite :

  • Bret saying: "if you can sing along to it (perfect stranger), as you did the last (who has invited you)", i will marry each and everyone of you!".
  • Singer brett joked: "we have a new album that we are far from giving money.". "
  • When they played "i do love you still". i waited to hear that for years live.
  • When they played "you're not the boy for me."
  • All solos allison. it is just a joy to watch.

I was very disappointed. one of my favourite groups, but they had all just not tonight. this may have been a lot to do with the absence of drummer of tori. i felt the songs dragged without high tempos i learned to love this band for! drums sounded "clompy" and uncoordinated. the sound in general was wrong, but we have come to expect that with this place. Hi! I am interested in buying The Donnas tickets. Would you have these? Yes, we have a huge tickets inventory, filled with premium Sylvia-Browne tickets! Choose yours NOW! If you want to see a group which is not your door-ears, then that this was not the show for you! this was the eighth time that i saw cheap The Donnas tickets and, as always, they were not disappointed. the set list was heavy with their latest releases - "bitchin'" and, but staples usual were there "greatest hits vol. 16...." - "take it off", "who called you" and "fall behind me". i like when donnas are decliners! Do you offer any The Donnas ticket contests 2011? No we do not offer any contests for The Donnas but we sell our tickets at cheap rates and at discounts. Show was at the wasted space. small club of smoke. the sound was excellent, brett was in full form, even if it was in fact a little under the weather. it was a great interaction with the public and amy done excellent work on the skins for torry bedrock. the guitarists, maya and allison play with ease and shreds allison with all movements of rock star. she played solos and most boy bands do not know how to do this. their songs are catchy and fun to sing at the. Are there any cheap The Donnas , tickets left in your stock? Please browse our inventory of The Donnas to find what you are looking for. Where can i get good tickets for The Donnas concert in ? CheapWholeSaleTickets is your best bet for all cheap tickets. Just browse the site for The Donnas and simply order your cheap tickets.
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Do you refund The Donnas? The Donnas with us are not refunded especially if lost by the customer. Ridiculously horrible - i can certainly not name them.