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Vertical Horizon Schedule

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Past Events :

Event Date Location
American Music Festival - Friday September 01, 2017
06:30 pm
5th Street Beach Stage
Virginia Beach, VA
American Music Festival - 3 Day Pass September 01, 2017
03:30 am
5th Street Beach Stage
Virginia Beach, VA
Everclear Vertical Horizon&Fastball June 17, 2017
06:00 pm
Bluestem Center for the Arts Amphitheatre
Moorhead, MN
Vertical Horizon September 15, 2016
08:00 pm
B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York
New York, NY
Vertical Horizon October 10, 2015
08:00 pm
B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York
New York, NY
Vertical Horizon&Nine Days October 08, 2015
08:00 pm
Paramount Theatre - Huntington
Huntington, NY
Vertical Horizon June 17, 2015
07:30 pm
Howard Theatre - DC
Washington, DC
Vertical Horizon August 22, 2014
07:30 pm
Wildhorse Saloon
Nashville, TN
Vertical Horizon August 02, 2014
09:00 pm
Golden Nugget Atlantic City
Atlantic City, NJ
Vertical Horizon&Tonic July 26, 2014
08:00 pm
Golden Nugget - Biloxi
Biloxi, MS
Vertical Horizon&Tonic March 07, 2014
08:00 pm
Paramount Theatre - Huntington
Huntington, NY
Vertical Horizon February 28, 2014
07:00 pm
Revolution Live
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Smash Mouth Sugar Ray Gin Blossoms Vertical Horizon&Fastball July 20, 2013
06:00 pm
Ravinia Pavilion
Highland Park, IL
Vertical Horizon July 15, 2011
07:30 pm
Saratoga, CA
Vertical Horizon June 09, 2011
06:00 pm
Diesel Rock 'N' Country Bar
Virginia Beach, VA
Vertical Horizon March 08, 2011
08:00 pm
Roxy Theatre - CA
West Hollywood, CA
Vertical Horizon February 24, 2011
08:00 pm
Coach House - Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Vertical Horizon June 03, 2010
08:00 pm
The Observatory
Santa Ana, CA
Vertical Horizon November 12, 2009
08:00 pm
Whiskey Roadhouse
Council Bluffs, IA
Vertical Horizon November 10, 2009
08:00 pm
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
Vertical Horizon November 07, 2009
07:00 pm
Vogue Theatre - IN
Indianapolis, IN
Vertical Horizon November 03, 2009
09:30 pm
Cambridge Room At The House Of Blues - Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
Vertical Horizon October 23, 2009
08:00 pm
The Recher Theatre
Towson, MD
Vertical Horizon October 19, 2009
08:00 pm
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA
Loudoun Summer Music Fest - Vertical Horizon September 12, 2009
05:00 pm
Belmont Country Club
Ashburn, VA

Vertical Horizon informations

If you have not seen Vertical Horizon tickets, it is time to see what you've been missing! -a group of quality with incredible talent. matt and keith mix so well on their voices. their new cd is crazy good! Do you give away cheap Vertical Horizon tickets promotion code? Get in touch with our live help member for the Vertical Horizon promotion code. Short and sweet, if you are anywhere near where they play, catch them! Where is the best place to sit for Vertical Horizon ? Kindly view our venue map available at the event page for Vertical Horizon to get a better idea about seats. Vertical herizon i could fout, i went to see the act of opening of juke kartel. they are incredible! so cute and so talented! i do not understand why they did not yet exploded, here in the states. (they are from australia) vertical herizon was very frankly, boring. their singer gave explanations of long breath on each song and why it was written before that he sings, that i am sure their fans liked, but i just laughed. the 5-star rating is purely because jk! their energy is incredible, it was a perfect.... list set a stunning performance by my group preferred. Do you guys know whats Vertical Horizon uptown theatre phone number? Sorry, we do not know! Please google to find your desired information about Vertical Horizon Uptown Theatre phone number. Vh put on a good show. they played old favorites (some with some instrumental extended) and songs of their new version. they had the energy and seemed really interested and seemed to have fun. they played a long series with a very good reminder. the performance was all that you want from vertical horizon. I am looking for Vertical Horizon platinum tickets, Do you have them? Visit our Vertical Horizon page to ensure the availability of tickets of your choice now!
Vertical horizon has recently released their cd "burning the days", after a hiatus of six years and as a group, the music is stronger than ever and is therefore the ability of the group to put on a dazzling show. the group of chemistry between them the group takes the time to design a stellar setlist which allows them not only create a setlist varied and diverse featuring new songs from the album as ""all is said and done","the lucky one"", ""middle ground"and" transport on "which is subtle instrumentation highlights the ability of singer matt scannell sing from the bottom of the heart with the depth" ""emotion and the beach. however, setlist of the group is not only confined to new tunes, but them refreshes alumni as well as ""give back you"which is begun acoustic and ends with a group full and"freedom"a pleasant surprise because he rarely played in concert.". overall, vertical horizon began the night very and completed the same thing with "everything what you wanr" and a reminder of "we are" with a ""comfortably numb"interlude pink floyd and"i'm still here", which is a song about standing in the face of adversity and vertical horizon can be proud, because they are still there and so are their fans.". Do you people feature tickets for Vertical Horizon? We offer these tickets at discounted prices and you can avail the discount by using our discount codes.

Great concert in a place wonderfully intimate! strongly recommended! I Vertical Horizon and hoping to get Vertical Horizon here. But i am also on a tight budget, any fairly cheap tickets available? Your request fulfilled :)! As CheapWholeSaleTickets makes it easier for all Vertical Horizon lovers to buy tickets to their favorite band at most affordable prices with an additional discount offer! Grab your tickets ASAP! Howard jennings - good singer with a sense of humor, and clayton seine - although his voice was so hoarse that he could barely speak, he could sing, he did so well.

Matt scanell looks exactly as he did it 10 years ago. i am a super fan and this was the first time that i saw them the title. so i guess that i am not a super fan, but they have never come to cleveland. loved the show! the act of opening was great! How much are the handling chargeson Vertical Horizon tickets ticket? You can get your required details from the page of cheap Vertical Horizon tickets. Matt has a beautiful voice and engaging the public. impressive and very entertaining music. i like to hear the stories behind some of the songs. they played for 2 hours. even if the coach house is a small room, they played as if it were a huge stage. Are there any discount Vertical Horizon available ? We have a huge variety of Vertical Horizon concert tickets for you , have a look at them now to take your pick! The best band ever! learn the words and music in this band to me...... impressive step of words to describe the night! Are there any Vertical Horizon season tickets? We have loads of San Anotonio Symphony tickets, Check them out now! Vertical horizon was superfantastic! i their luv! How soon can i get Vertical Horizon ? Vertical Horizon will be delivered to you a week before the event.
Vertical horizon completely shaken once again! this was my 4th time to see and they were not disappointed. they again had cory mccormick with them on bass, it is incredible! and matt tore guitar as usual. they played a good mix of old and new things. i hope that they return soon! Can I get to know Vertical Horizon ticket price? To know about the ticket price of Vertical Horizon kindly check the ticket listings on our website.

I saw vertical horizon at cooking table in cambridge room. small intimate room. opening bands were very good. a few problems of his. then came vertical horizon. i have been to many shows and i can tell you... they have delivered... in a big way. incredible talent. great songwriting, singing, musical arrangement, and the incredible game and drums guiter shaken. one of the best performances i've seen in a long time! Hi, I lost my tickets i recently purchased, so again, can i get the same Vertical Horizon? We regretfully state that once you receive you are Vertical Horizon, they are entirely your responsibility, and that we dont offer any refund or anything, upon loss. Thanks! Should be just jinger, but we've had harold jennings? and steal the seconds (impostors?)

Fan Favorite :

  • The old stuff with pat mcgee, the man who wanted to be santa claus, glass waltz, heart in hand, and then you restore to return to the rockin' ' tips.
  • We loved that the public knew most of the songs and were able to sing, without matt!
  • Probably the cover of pink floyd and hearing my songs preferred to live them.
  • Meeting the guys after the show, they are always as gracious and kind.
  • Interaction with the crowd and the stories behind the songs.

Matt scannel is not only a fantastic singer, but also one of the greatest guitarists i've seen. incredible how he relies on the sounds out of a guitar. How do i buy 1 Vertical Horizon tickets ticket through a secure network? View our large inventory of concert tickets and order your cheap Vertical Horizon tickets securely online 24/7. These guys are great in the studio but super incredible live! i can't wait for review. My sister is a big fan of Vertical Horizon and since her birthday is drawing closer, Im planning to her with the tickets of the coming event. Since I rely mostly on my pocket money, I need some kind of extra discount on Vertical Horizon Right here, is the perfect place for you, when looking for Vertical Horizon. Please browse through our inventory of tickets, to get what youre looking for. Thanks. Great show, perfect weather, great music! vertical horizon was really on their game a large live group, they really know how to engage the public. played the best of their hits, a few tunes rocking great their cd big go and all you want, 2 or 3 songs acoustic of the really old stuff, and many of the new cd releasing next week, burning the days. matt scannell is the showman and keith kane was impeccable. they even brought a few members of the pat mcgee band for a few numbers. save me from myself, the new single, was a highlight for the show. but the best was the recall of we are with a segway on pink floyd comfortably numb and then return to finish on we are. what a sight! Can you let me know in case the Vertical Horizon tickets become available? They are available right now so you better not waste any time. The research is a great small and horizon verical sounded awesome. after two opening acts, they came out and played for more than 2 hours! when was the last time that happened? What Vertical Horizon ticket prices do you offer? Kindly see our Vertical Horizon section for details.
My 16 years wanted to attend, then my husband and i have surrendered and went. late in the night for us, but the sentence. they were great! i am so happy, we went. revolution hall was an excellent place to see. my daughter was all happy, she was closest to the scene. she received to meet them and get their signature after the concert. certainly the kind of group that does not have the spirit of mixture with us ordinary people. if they are in your area certainly go see them, you will not regret it. I heard of concerts by Vertical Horizon this season, and quite frankly I cant wait to be there. However im a bit low on cash for now, which is why I would appreciate if anyone could direct me to cheap temptations tickets. Youve reached the right place to your Vertical Horizon on internet. Please go through our vast arsenal of tickets and get the best deals and prices.

A friend purchased me a ticket to see vh at the coach house. when i arrived and saw the band, it was actually a different band than i thought we were welcome! surprisingly, i enjoyed the devil out of vertical horizon! we went to see them again a few weeks after the in the roxy with juke kartel! i look forward to see both bands more quickly! Hello, Me and my sister cant wait to see the upcoming event, so do you guys offer Vertical Horizon? When it comes to affordable Vertical Horizon, we rise above all. Please go through our arsenal of tickets and hopefully youll find what youre looking for. Thanks. Cocktails at the bar... has not seen one of them!